Water Diversion from Salawin to Chao Phraya River Basins Project

Project  Name: Water Diversion from Salawin to Chao Phraya River Basins Project

Name of Company: Panya Consultants Co., Ltd.

Name of Associated Firm : 

1. Southeast Asia Technology Co., Ltd.

2. Potential Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd.

Location : Lower northern and central regions, Thailand

Client : Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency

Project Cost : 51,724  million baht

Type of Service : Pre-feasibility study, feasibility study, EIA and public relations and hearings

Project Description : Nine of 19 potential diversion routes were firstly verified. Then, 4 diversion routes were selected for pre-feasibility study. Finally, only the most appropriate route was selected for feasibility and EIA studies that is, Nam Yuam - Bhumibol Reservoir Diversion Route. Its features are:


1. Lower Yuam Dam is a concrete dam, 69.5 m high and 200 m long with a reservoir capacity of  80 m3

2. Ban Sop Ngao Pumping Station consists of six 63.25 MW pumps with a design head of 170.44 m and a maximum pumping capacity of 182.52 m3/sec

3. Sop Ngao-Huai Mae Ngut Diversion Route consists of a concrete lined tunnel with 6.8 m diameter and 1,157.2 m length. The water flows to a head tank before releasing by gravity to horseshoe-shaped and circular tunnels with 8.30-9.80 m diameter and a total length of 62.6 km.

4.Transmission lines from Tha Tako-Tak 2-Huai Khanaeng- Ban Sop Ngao Substation are 414.6 km long.