The New Head Office Building of The Bank of Thailand

Project name: The New Head Office Building of The Bank of Thailand

Consultant: Project Planning Services Co., Ltd.

Associates: Phumiwudth Co., Ltd.

Project Owner: The Bank of Thailand

Project Location: 273 Samsen Road, Bangkhunprom, Phranakorn District Bangkok 10200, Thailand

Project Cost: 2,600 Million Baht

Project Duration: August 2001 – November 2007

Type of Service: Project Management and Construction Management

Scope of Services:

1. Design of Master Plan for the Bank of Thailand Complex, The complex area is over 66 Rais.

2. Project management; from Procurement of designers, contractors including interior contractors with post construction services during the 2 year guarantee period after completion.

Project Description :

1. Design of the Master Plan for the whole 66 Rais plus of Bank of Thailand Complex. The Master Plan comprises of architectural master plan and engineering master plan of all disciplines.

2. Designers’ selection by Design Proposal Competition: The designer selection process calls for all of the designers to hold workshops of their proposed design in BOT complex. The workshop have been reviewed by the committee and counted as part of the scoring system of the designer selection process. This process was successfully implemented with the best design being met all of basic necessities of BOT from the beginning.

3. BOT Head office building is a five stories above ground office with four basements for 1,400 parking spaces. The total area of the building is 97, 137 square meters.

4. Due to the height limit of the site because of zoning requirement together with the requirements of 1,400 plus car parking spaces, the building needs to have deep basement. The basement construction method was planned together with the design process. The most feasible construction method is the top down process. Ground floor structure was built then the construction jumped to P2 and P4 and then the mat foundation. After that, the construction moved upward to P3 and then lastly P1. The diaphragm wall was designed to be basement wall and used together with bracings as earth retaining structure. The basement construction was continuously monitored to ensure least disturbances to adjacent buildings which are very old buildings conserved as registered national assets.

5. Transportation of soil was one of the most critical issues during construction. Over 215,000 cubic meters of soil needed to be moved out without disturbances to the ongoing BOT operations and adjacent neighborhood. Since the site is situated next to Chao Phraya river, the major mode of bulk transportation was planned by barges. The process was successfully carried out with less disturbances as intended.

6. On site concrete batching plant was also planned to ensure constant supply of concrete with least disturbances to neighborhood traffic. Hauling of aggregates for the concrete plant was also carried out by barges similar to the hauling out of soil excavated from the basement

7. Since the site is 20 meters from Bangkhunphrom and Thevaves Palace which are registered national palaces. Both of the palaces are more than 100 years old. Measures were planned to monitor vibration and inclination of both palaces throughout the process of basement construction to ensure no damages. Data from the monitoring was constantly analyzed by Geotechnical Specialist (Dr. Wanchai Theparak) and it was found that there were no damages caused by construction process.

8. Environmental issue was one of the major concerns of BOT. Following environmental measures were conducted.

a. Waste water from construction site was diverted to the main waster water treatment system of BOT.

b. Air particles was constantly measured to ensure compliance with applicable standards.

c. Garbage from construction site has been constantly managed and disposed off.

d. Traffic around the site has been managed to ensure minimal impact to the neighborhood.

9. Including in this building are staff canteen, computer center and large scale library which houses a large collections of economic related books and research papers. The library is fully open to public.

10.The project was finished within the intended time and met with all of the requirements set forth in the beginning of the project. The office migration was successfully carried out according to BOT’s target.

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