The Detailed Design of the Office of the Administrative Courts Building

Project Name: The Detailed Design of the Office of the AdministrativeCourts Building

Name of Company: Progress Technology Consultants Co.,Ltd.

Name of Associated Firm:

  1. Dome Consultant Co., Ltd. (for architectural design)
  2. Architect Ajaphol and Associates Co., Ltd. (for architectural design)

Services provided by PTC: Detailed Design of Engineering Systems

Project Location: Chaeng Wattana Road, Nonthaburi, Thailand

Name of Client: The Office of the Administrative Courts

Type of Service: Detailed design

Project Cost: 1,814.0 million baht

Duration: Sept. 2003 - Mar. 2005

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Project Description: The Office of the Administration Courts Building is a 11 storeyed office building and 2 basements. The service provided is the detailed design of the following systems:

  • Structural Design
  • Sanitary and Fire Protection Systems comprising:
  • An underground water tank with 900 cu.m. capacity.
  • A wastewater treatment plant with 300 cu.m./day capacity.
  • The fire protection system consists of wet riser standpipes and fire hose cabinets with 2 diesel fire pumps.
  • Mechanical, Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems comprising:
  • The centralized chilled water system at 2,500 tons capacity.
  • The smoke control system at 380,000 CFM capacity.
  • The pressurized system for stairwells and lobby.
  • 15 sets of passenger and trade lifts and 4 sets of escalator.
  • Electrical and Communication Systems comprising:
  • The power distribution system with 4-2,000 kVA transformers.
  • A standby generator at 1,000 kW.
  • The lighting system, fire alarm system, and telephone/ sound system.
  • The closed circuit television system.
  • The master antenna television system.
  • The lightning protection system.
  • The building automation system.

Project Highlight:

The office of the Administration Courts is the Energy-Efficient Building which has Overall Thermal Transfer Value (OTTV) of less than 45 watt/sq.m. This building has been designed to have Building Automation System (BAS) for management and control the operation of engineer systems which are electrical system, air conditioning and ventilation systems, passenger and trade lifts, sanitary and fire protection systems, fire alarm system, etc.