Technical Advice, Detailed Design and Construction Supervision of GM-OPEL Car Plant, Adam Opel AG Project

Name of the project: Technical Advice, Detailed Design and Construction Supervision of GM-OPEL Car Plant, Adam Opel AG Project

Consultant: Dynamic Engineering Consultants Co.,Ltd.

Location: Rayong Province, Thailand

Name of owner: GM-OPEL

Financing agency/institution: GM-OPEL

Value of project1: Baht 10,500 million (Baht 25/US$)

Value of firms, or JV, or

consortium’s contract1: Baht 70.5 million (Baht 25/US$)

Original and actual dates (original/actual) 1 Sep 1996 – 17 Mar 2000

of commencement & completion:

Form of firm’s participation2: Other (Sub-consultant)

Name of other members of consortium2None

8 1

Brief description of the project and the works to which the firm’s services were provided:

This is an automobile assembly plant of GM-Opel that is located at Eastern Industrial Estate at Pluakdaeng District, Rayong province in the area of 298 rais. The plant has a capacity of producing 75,000 vehicles per annum in Stage 1 and 150,000 vehicles in Stage 2. Dynamic Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd. (DEC) of SEATEC Group was appointed by Ove Arup & Partners International (main consultant) to provide the technical advice, detailed design and construction supervision of this project. The major works consist of:

  • Press shop and associated ancillary office
  • Body parts store
  • Body shop and associated ancillary office
  • Central utility/equipment building
  • Body distribution centre
  • Cavity wax area
  • Paint shop
  • General assembly shop and associated office
  • Administration building
  • Central facility building approximated 26,400 m2.
  • Trailer yards/visitor parking area and new car shipping area
  • Fire pump house and associated fire water tank

Another part of the project is the Paint Shop.

The paint shop building has footprint of 276.0 m x 36.0 m and height of 30,0 m.  It has a concrete floor area of approximated 26,400 m2 and steel floor of approx. 4,500 m2. The spray booth covers an area of 1,360 m2.  Total steel in composite construction approximated 4,250 tons.  Roofing and siding are insulated panels of 130 mm thickness. The whole building is dustproof and silicone free. The superstructure skeleton is made of structural steel while bore piles used for the foundations.

Brief description of the services provided by the firm or consortium:

(1) For the Car Plant:

The scope of the services of SEATEC includes the following works:

  • Detailed design and supervision of construction of architectural, civil, structural and utility system works
  • Tender and contract document preparation
  • Specification and BOQ preparation
  • Cost estimation
  • Monitoring of construction schedule

(2) For the Paint Shop

The services rendered by SEATEC comprises of detailed design and construction supervision for the following:

  • Piling and foundation works
  • Architectural works
  • Structural works
  • System work including design of HVAC, fire protection and media supply and utility distribution system, L.V. distribution system, building lighting system
  • Sanitary and plumbing works

Preparation of BOQ, tender document and specifications, invitation of bid, assistance to Eisenmann in bid Negotiation and contract finalization for the following package in a separate contracts:

  • Piling works
  • Structural steel works
  • Concrete works
  • Internal architectural sanitary works
  • Claddiry and roofing works
  • Media Supply works

Brief description of Engineering Technique:

The design with environmental care of this factory at Rayong Province, Thailand is one of five factories from 30 GM factories all over the world that build on area of Green Field Plant same as original in Germany.  DEC has sent a staff to study and coordinate in Germany. All design drawings have been sent for comment, correction and approval via internet.