Survey and detailed design of an extradose bridge across Chao Phya River at Nonthaburi Road and also survey and estimate the immovable property in the project area.

Project Name: Survey and detailed design of an extradose bridge across Chao Phya River at  Nonthaburi Road and also survey and estimate the immovable property in the project area.

Company Name: Wishakorn Co.,Ltd.

Type of service: The work studies the feasibility environment effect and to design the bridge across Chow Phya River and to estimate the immovable property in the project area.

Project Location : Nonthaburi Province, Thailand

Owner: Department of Rural Roads (Thailand)

Duration: May, 2005 - July, 2006

Project Cost absolutely (million/Baht): 3,650,000,000.00

Project Cost (million/Baht): 18,500,000.00

Company Partner: 1.  Wishakorn Co., Ltd.  2.  Epsilon Co.,Ltd.

Ratio of Responsibility: 1.  Wishakorn Co., Ltd. 40% 2.  Epsilon Co.,Ltd.      60%

Project area/Size: The six lanes traffic road, distance 4.2 Km.

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Objective of Project: The project covers the feasibility study environment effect and the design of the bridge across Chao Phya river. Survey and detailed design and the explores the immovable property details the Distance 4.2 Km.

Benefit of Project: 

1. Help testify travel cross back and forth between the river bank in the Chow Phya River have to increase.

2. Help enhance competition economical latency improve the quality of life and the environment of people.

3. Help adjust route communication network in Bangkok area while on and the Nonthaburi has the completeness increasingly.

4. Abate and solve a problem the traffic will to happen.

5. Can choose use travel route has more than to go up and offer the convenience in the travel of people in the Nonthaburi, and a province is nearby.

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