Songkhla Lake Basin Planning Study

Project Name: Songkhla Lake Basin Planning Study

Consultant: Asian Engineering Consultants Corp., Ltd.

Country: Thailand

Project Location within Country: Songkhla, Phatthalung and Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand

Name of Client: National Economic and Social Development Board (NESDB) National Environment Board (NEB)

Professional Staff Provided :

No. of Staff: 10

No. of Man-Months: 32

Start Date (Month/Year) 07/1984 Completion Date (Month/Year) 09/1985

Approximate Value of Services: US$ 1.56 M.

Name of associated firm(s), if any: Proportion :

John Taylor & Sons 20.83 %

REDECON Australia Pty., Ltd. 29.35 %

Roger Tym & Partners

National Environment Research Council 22.13 %

Team Consulting Engineers Co., Ltd.

Project Cost : US$ 738 M.  (1 US$ = 22.90 Baht)

Detailed Narrative Descriptive of Project :

The project Area located in the lower southern region of Thailand is approximately 8,000 and is the natural watershed of the Songkhla Lake Basin. Its covers the whole provincial area of Phatthalung, most of Songkhla Province and a small part of Nakhon Si Thammarat Province.


The objectives of the Slongkhla Lake Basin Planning Study are:

1. To formulate a natural resource development framework to achieve a balanced ecosystem, particularly with respect to water resources; and the formulate strategies for optimum resource use and schemes for appropriate environmental management.

2. To formulate strategies for socio-economic development of the Basin particularly industrialization and urbanization around the lower section of the lake.

3. To develop and set priorities for development projects of the Basin to a pre-feasibility level in harmony with its resources. In the lower lake in particular special emphasis must be given to its role as the main economic and social development centre of the South.

4. To prepare terms of reference for feasibility studies of high priority projects approved by the Government.

Detailed Description of Actual Services provided :

Consulting services include collection, review and evaluation of existing data regarding meteorology, hydrology, stream and lake water quality, salinity, pollution; remote sensing data from Landsat and ground truth data, land use, flood control, drainage, lake sedimentation; domestic sewage, treatment and disposal of waster; agricultural run-off and deforestation industrial wastewater, rubber industry, palm oil industry, fish and food processing, mining, lake ecology; irrigation, storage reservoirs for water supply and irrigation, diversion weirs, salinity barrier, pumped diversion; groundwater, water supply; agriculture, fisheries, aquaculture, forestry; human settlement, social service, population, employment, urbanization; infrastructure; institution, finance; agricultural extension, expansion of irrigated rice, multiple cropping, crop diversification, orchard production, rubber plantation production, livestock; wildlife reserves; tourism; socio-economics; topographic survey, hydrographic survey, geology; computer modeling to simulate the conditions in Songkhla Lake and Storage reservoirs; natural resources, cost estimate.

Highlight :

This project develop and set priorities for development projects of the Basin. In the lower lake in particular special emphasis must be given to its role as the main economic and social  development centre of the South.