Solid Waste Transfer, Transport and Disposal for Bangkok Metropolitan Administration: 5 Year Contract (Northern Bangkok)

Project Name: Solid Waste Transfer, Transport and Disposal for Bangkok Metropolitan Administration: 5 Year Contract (Northern Bangkok)

Firm Name: MACRO Consultants Co., Ltd.

Associate Firms: -

Location: Bangkhen, Bangkok and Kampaengsaen, Nakhon Pathom Province, Thailand

Project Owner: Wasduphand Thurakij Co., Ltd.

Type of Project: Solid Waste Management

Period: June 1990 - December 1991

Project Features: The consultancy services include master planning, feasibility study and detailed design for bidding submission to Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) and it was awarded for 5 year contract period by BMA. MACRO also rendered construction supervision and management for Tharaeng Solid Waste Transfer Station at Ram Inthra, Bangkhen, Bangkok and site preparation for sanitary landfill area at Kampaengsaen district, Nakhon Pathom province.

The Tharaeng Transfer Station covered an area of 20 rai, consisted of one transfer station building with handling capacity of 1,500-2,000 tons per day of solid wastes, office building, weighbridge buildings, maintenance center, guardhouse, concrete pavement road, lighting and electricity system, traffic circulation and telecommunication system, water supply and fire fighting system, wastewater collection and treatment system and overall site landscaping.  The service also included the operation commencement for the whole systems.

The transportation system with manifest system comprises a fleet of a bigger-size truck with 22-24 ton carrying capacity to haul the loaded solid waste to the disposal site in  Kampaengsaen district, Nakhon Pathom province. Before leaving the transfer station the fully-loaded trucks were covered with plastic sheet and provided with a leachate holding tank to minimize environmental effects.

With a total area of 250 rais, the landfill site preparation work at Kampaengsaen, Nakhon Pathom province included earth excavation for trench operation, leachate collection and wastewater treatment system, runoff and drainage system, access and internal roads, office building and maintenance center, staff house/guard house, solid waste unloading platform, tree planting in the buffer zone and site landscaping. The overall project cost was about 950 million baht.

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