Royal Flora Ratchaphruek 2006

Name  of  Project : Royal Flora Ratchaphruek 2006

Name of Company : Index Internation Group Co.,Ltd.

Location: Chiangmai  Province, Thailand

Name  of  Owner: Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives

Financing Agency/Institution: Thai  Government

Value of Project in Thai Baht equivalent (indicate currency and exchange rate used): 1,494.70  Million Baht

Value of the firm’s, or joint venture’s or consortium’s contract in Thai Baht equivalent (indicate currency and exchange rate used) :

  • Detailed Design:  12.60  Million  Baht.
  • Construction Supervision:  14 Million Baht

Original and actual dates of commencement  and completion  :

  • 28 January 2004 – 27 March 2004 (Design Stage)
  • 11 September 2004 – 30 October 2006 (Construction Stage)

H.Form of firm’s participation whether as sole  consultant, leading or non leading

Partners or member of a joint venture  or consortium of consultants  or other (specify): Sole  Consultant

Name of other joint venture partners or members of consortium (if any): None

Brief  description of  project  (attach photos if available) and the works to which the firm’s services were provided :

  • Area of 470 rai (752,000 sq.m.)  allocated for the project.  The target was to accommodate 30,000 visitors per day, totally 3 million  Thai and foreigners.
  • Highlight zones comprising of Garden for  the King, Royal Pavilion Zone, Thai Tropical Garden and Expo Center.
  • There were 41 types of 75 major buildings i.e., Royal Pavilion, Royal Project Shops, Biotech Greenhouse, Tropical Dome, Revolving Indoor Exhibition Hall, Orchid Pavilion, Green Tower, Desert Plant Greenhouse, Soiless Greenhouse, Thai Horti Sky Walk, Shaded Paradise and etc.
  • Provision including essential facilities such as short walking route, electricity, pipe water, waste water treatment system and inclusive of landscaping.

Brief description of the services provided by the firm, or joint venture or consortium :

Detailed Design : Provision of services for preparation of :-

  • Design and Drawings
  • Technical Specifications
  • Bill of Quantities and Cost Estimate
  • Tender Documents and Contract  Documents

Construction Supervision : Provision of services for :-

  • Supervision of all construction and installation works to achieve project’s objectives.
  • Check of all related works as an Employer’s  Representative.
  • Inspection of project construction works.
  • Organizing of meeting and reporting to the project owner.
  • Engineering and Quality Assurance of materials to comply with Technical Specifications of the Contract
  • Review and approval of Contractor’s work schedule.
  • Check of man-power and equipments of the Contractor.
  • Check for approval of Shop Drawings and concur of proposed materials for Employer’s approval.
  • Preparation of safety plan  during construction
  • Check and collating of As-built Drawings for further submission to the Employer.
  • Check of O & M manuals for machines, equipments and related system accessories.