Renovation and/or Redesign of 9 Municipalities Wastewater Collecting and Treatment Systems

Project Name: Renovation and/or Redesign of 9 Municipalities Wastewater Collecting and Treatment Systems

Consultant: Consultants of Technology Co., Ltd. (COT)

Location: 9 Municipalities, Thailand

Owner: Pollution Control Department (PCD), Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

Creative Technology Co., Ltd.

Description: According to the domestic wastewater collecting and treatment system recovery and improvement plan of Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, all sewerage systems  are  required to be restored andoperated functionally. This project aimed at renovation and/or redesign of sewerage systems in 9 municipalities which are facing with technical problems (malfunction, failure, deficiency) and management limitations (budget  and  manpower). The  study  also  requires  an  effective recommended organization and management in 9 municipalities.

Construction Cost: 1,988 Million Baht (50.98 Million $US) (1 $US : 39 Baht )

COT Engagement: Acting as a leading firm for overall project management in addition to:

1. Detailed design for renovation and/or redesign of wastewater collecting and treatment systems.

2. Prepare bidding documents.

3. Develop a work plan for renovation.

4. Develop a work plan and schedule for maintenance.

5. Prepare documents for hiring administrators.

Duration: February 2005 - May 2007

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