PTTAR Laboratory Building Project

Project Name: PTTAR Laboratory Building Project

Company Name: ATT Consultants Co, Ltd. (ATT)

Associated Firm: None

Project Location: Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate, Rayong province, Thailand

Project Owner: PTTAR

Type of Services: Detailed engineering design and project management consultant (PMC)

Sector/Capacity: Building / 1,200 m2

Project Cost: N/A

Narrative of Project: The PTTAR had intended to establish a modern laboratory building in Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate, Rayong province, Thailand. The project development comprises the detailed engineering design and PMC for the laboratory building as

the following:

  • One storey building of approximate area 1200 m2 including all furniture, item of fixed equipment, and all utilities
  • The utilities include all building utilities and incoming utility lines
  • Laboratory furniture / equipment
  • Special equipment
  • HVAC system
  • Cooling water system for octane engines
  • Plumbing services including plumbing fixtures, water distribution, sanitary waste, process water sewer, instrument air, fuel gas (LPG) and H2 gas piping, and carrier gases
  • Fire protection
  • Electrical power, lighting and communication systems
  • Site preparation, road & drainage, landscape, utilities tie-in at existing refining plant.

Highlight: PTTAR Laboratory Building is a petrochemical laboratory which locates within refinery plant. In design work therefore shall be carefully aware on blasting prevention in accordance with refinery standard. This standard will use Shell standard that so called “Document for Engineering Practice” (DEP) with referring to Building standard Blasting Prevention of ASCE.

Since it is petrochemical laboratory so that HVAC design work will specially be different from general buildings. The temperature in the lab-room shall be constant. Circulating air can not be reused. Vapoury experiment will be clearly discharged.

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