Pak Bara Deep Sea Port Project

Project Name : Pak Bara Deep Sea Port Project

Company Name : ATT Consultants Co, Ltd. (ATT)

Associated Firm : PCI, Japan

Project Location : La Ngu district, Satun province, Thailand

Project Owner : Marine Department, Ministry of Transport

Type of Services : Review previous studies and detailed engineering design

Sector/Capacity: Traffic & Transport / Deep Sea Port for 70,000 DWT vessels

Project Cost: Approximate  5,800  million THB

Narrative of Project: Pak Bara Deep Sea Port Project will be established at Andaman sea coast in La Ngu district, Satun province, southern Thailand.  The project main components are:

(1) Port Terminal-container terminal long 750 m, 2x70,000 DWT vessels;

(2) Port buildings;

(3) Container storage area;

(4) Port access bridge-reinforced concrete type, 4,300 m long and 4 lanes of 2 way-directions;

(5) Navigating channel will be dredged-14 m, 180 m wide, turning basin 600 m diameter;

(6) Breakwater rock-filled, 1,700 m long;

(7) Buildings such as: Terminal Operation Building, Custom & Operation Building, CFS Building, Pilot & Tugboat Building, Administration Building, Main Entrance Gate, etc.

The Consultants had been assigned to review on previous studies of engineering, economic, environment and study on sea port administration as well.  The implementation was undertaken during July 2005 – July 2006.

Highlight : Pak Bara Deep Sea Port Project when is established that will be the first deep sea port of the west southern coast of Thailand.  It can provide the ships / vessels all from Europe and Middle-East to Thailand only or to the Far-East further. The project can also be developed as a terminal of land bridge for Andaman Sea-Pacific Ocean in the near future.

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