National Spatial Development Plan

Project  Name: National Spatial Development Plan

Name of Company: Panya Consultants Co., Ltd.

Name of Associated Firm :

1. Consultants of Technology Co., Ltd.

2. Team Consulting Engineering and Management Co., Ltd.

Location: Countrywide, Thailand

Client: Department of  Public Works and Town and Country Planning

Project Cost: 148.423  million baht

Type of Service: Country planning


Project Description: The project is to analyze the major factors concerned in identifying the position of Thailand in globalization. The National Comprehensive Plan will be consequently set by identifying the clear vision, objectives, and targets of development. The project output covers the policy plan of 50 years (2006-2056), the strategic plan of 5, 10, 15 years and the action plan of 5 years. The implementation guideline and manual of yearly monitoring and development evaluation are also designed. The innovation on city planning is also a significant requirement to serve the sustainable development.