King Power Complex

Project Name: King Power Complex

Consultant: Consulting and Management 49 Limited

Project Owner: King Power International Co., Ltd.

Project Location: Rangnam Road, Rajathevee District, Bangkok, Thailand

Project Cost: 5,000,000,000 Baht

Project Duration: 2005-2008

Type of Services: Project Management and Construction Supervision

Project Description: The project consists of 3 Major Part of Buildings which having been designed for integrating the function to each other but its deference in physical. The first one is High rise building for five stars Hotel, The second one is office building and the last one is Duty free shopping centre and the Theater for multipurpose.

Highlight: The Project has been composed of various function within one huge area, The total area are 145,000 sq.m. There is a important requirement from the client, The Project had to be planned to 4 Phases, Each Phase have to completed respectively, Duty free Shopping Centre, The Office Building, The Grand Theater and finally The Five-Stars Hotel. All of these are composed to be The Complex But Project has been complete on schedule.

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