(K5) Plant

Project Name : (K5) PLANT

Consultant: R.K.V. Engineering Consultant Co.,Ltd.

Project Owner: Siam City Cement Public Co.,Ltd.

Project Location: Kangkoi, Saraburi, Thailand

Project Description: Siam City Cement Plant (K5) in Kangkoi, Saraburi is composed of approximaly 20 silos including Clinker silo Unburned clinker Silo, Cement Silos, Raw Material feeding system Silos, Bulk Cement Silos, Cement Grinding Silos, Preheater Tower, and Belt Conveyer system.  The project was constructed in 1990. Structure’s foundation was laid on the limestone.

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Highlights : The Clinker Silo is the largest Silo in the world, with the height  of 59  meters, and the diameter of 65 meters.  Silo closed wall is post-Tensioned prestressed concrete in circumference direction.  The silo wall has a large opening for accessment of truck into the silo.  Steel truss was embedded into prestressed corecrete wall to transfer the circumference force from the anchorage.