Hydropower Plant

Project NameHydropower Plant

ConsultantConsultants of Technology Co., Ltd.

Owner: National Energy Administration (NEA)


Location: Pitsanulok Province, Thailand

Description Nam Phak project is one of the proposed 25 mini-hydropower projects in the Fifth National Economic and Social Development Plan (1982- 1986) initiated by National Energy Administration. The ultimate purpose is to substitute or reduce the consumption of imported oil in energy production.

Nam Phak project has been proved economically feasible in the preliminary study stage, with approximate 1,640 kw capacity. The project components consist of diversion weir on Nam Phak to divert a certain amount of water through a power canal of 4,500 m. long for power generation. The project site is located about 8 km. North of Chat Trakan District, Phisanulok Province.

Construction Cost 150 Million Baht (6 Million $US) (1 $US : 25 Baht)

COT Engagement

1. Field investigation

2. Geotechnical investigation

3. Cost estimation

4. Feasibility study

5. Initial environmental impact study

6. Socio-economic survey

7. Preliminary engineering design

Duration August 1985 - February 1986

10 1