Government Complex commemorating His Majesty the King’s 80 Birthday Anniversary, 5 December, B.E. 2550

Project Name: Government Complex commemorating His Majesty the King’s 80th Birthday Anniversary, 5th December, B.E. 2550

Firm Name: TEAM Consulting Engineering and Management Co., Ltd.

Associated Firms:

  • ATT Consultants Co., Ltd.
  • Daoreuk Communications Co., Ltd.
  • Integral Co., Ltd.
  • Necco International Co., Ltd.
  • SQ Architects and Planners Co., Ltd.

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Project Owner: Dhanarak Asset Development Co., Ltd.

Type of Project: Urban development

Period: September 2004 – present

Project Features:

The elegant tinted glass edifices with their silvery roofs rise from deep foundations in a 297 rai site (47.52 hectares) within earshot of the bustling traffic on Chaeng Wattana Road. The Bangkok Government Center Project, which is more energy efficient and environmentally friendly, will offer total building area of 1,000,000 square metres. It comprises office buildings with working areas of 460,000 square metres; common areas of 49,000 square metres; and business areas of 27,500 square metres.

A 100-rai (16 hectares) zone will be the justice centre with the establishment of an Administrative Court building and four key judicial offices in Building A. The centre, expected to be completed by 2008, will have office space for 25,000 government officials from 28 different agencies, 2,000 private-sector employees as well as over 10,000 daily visitors. Twenty-two government agencies and independent agencies will be housed in Building B on 197-rai (31.52 hectares) of land.

The complex’s amenities will include, inter alia, a day care centre, shops, banks and convenience stores. Employees and visitors will dine in one of several cafeterias and canteens; they can also enjoy a fitness centre, equipped with lockers and changing rooms. Car park infrastructure with a total capacity of 10,000 units and necessary public utilities will also be available.

Dhanarak Asset Development Co., Ltd. (DAD), established in 2004, emerged from a desire to construct an unprecedented, centralized, multi-agency office complex on the Treasury Department’s state property. Energy efficiency was a key consideration. This complex marks a new era in government office development in Thailand. Besides, Chaeng Watthana and Ram Intra roads will be the best locations to support city expansion as they will be accommodating mass transit schemes, new expressways and a new bridge (Rama IV).

To achieve the unprecedented size of the project, a project management consultant is required to envision the entire project from start to finish and to ensure that this vision is realized. The Consultant was awarded the services contract for project management consultancy (PMC) and construction supervision consultancy (CSC) (hereafter called “PMSC”) by Dhanarak Asset Development Co., Ltd. for the Project.

A Sustainable Complex

The government centre project is designed to be a “sustainable complex”; it will be the most modern office zone in Bangkok, employing superior energy efficiency and affording quality of life within a very light budget.

This state-of-the-art sustainable and healthy office complex has an excellent indoor environment. Under the total integrated design concept, the complex possesses outstanding features including 10 MW onsite power generation, a chiller plant via Combined Heat and Power (CHP) generation and an IT network.

Safety standards are more advanced than current building codes; they conform to the latest Engineering Institute of Thailand standards (EIT) and National Fire Protection Association standards (NFPA).

Through the concept of serviceability, accommodation, firmness and economy (SAFE), the government centre will demonstrably enhance working efficiency and interagency coordination, as well as afford impressive one-stop services to the public. Having a superior workplace is essential for government agencies to fulfill their services to the Thai people. This superb new facility is a strong endorsement of civil services in Thailand.

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