Feasibility Study and Detailed Design of Ban Prakob Border Town

Project Name: Feasibility Study and Detailed Design of Ban Prakob Border Town

Company Name: Southeast Asia Technology Co. Ltd.

Project Location: Amphoe Natawee, Songkhla Province, Thailand

Project Owner: Department of Public Works and Town & Country Planning

Associates: RMJM (Thailand) Co. Ltd., InfraNet Co. Ltd.

Project Cost: 132,525,800 Baht

Project Description:

Ban Prakob Border Town Project was realized by cooperation between the Thai and Malaysia Governments for supporting additional border pass and border town development project (the Kolta Putra Project of Malaysia) and to have higher long term (20 years) trade development around the project location at the border check point (BS 31) Ban Durian Burung Amphoe Padantayrub Keda Province of Malaysia opposite to Tambon Ban Prakob, Amphoe Natawee, Songkhla Province.

It is also to develop Ban Durian Burung to become a new agro-industrial and tourism border town supporting the Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle Project (IMT-GT), and the new passing point for the new important transportation route of the raw materials from Thailand for food processing industry, and to shorten the distance for tourists from 3 provinces, i.e., Songkhla, Yala, Pattani, to visit various cities in Malaysia without passing the border pass in Changlung, Amphoe Sadao on Malaysia side.

The development of Ban Prakob, Amphoe Natawee to be new border pass will also support the new transportation route for transportation of goods and Thai laborers going into the Malaysian area, Thai export competency development, social welfare development and let the local people to have better occupations and income on the Thai side.

Department of Public Works, Town and Country Planning Department is responsible for master planning and coordination of project operation and hired consulting company for master planning. From the study results, the development was planned in 3 stages: for short-term development of 1-5 years, intermediate development plan of 6-10 years and long term development plan of 11-20 years as follows:

1. Short-Term Plan (1-5 years) includes development of the area into boundary post assembly having boundary post, border gate, tourist service building, warehouse, container inspection building, housing and mess hall for government officials.

2. Intermediate Plan (6-10 years) includes expansion of the building assembly such as expansion of custom office, container inspection building, boundary post, services building, warehouse, and housing for officials.

3. Long Term Plan (11-20 years) is the final project expansion for 20 years duration including expansion of customhouse, container inspection building, service building, warehouse, and housing for officials.

The detailed design for construction for the short-term plan (1-5 years) is the priority phase having 1 unit of Boundary Post 1,372 m2, 1 unit of Main office 870 m2, 1 Unit of Goods Inspection Building 838 m2, 1 unit of Warehouse, 363 m2, Residential Area with 10 units of Single House 100 m2, 3 units Condomminium7,552 m2, 1 unit of Canteen 476 m2, 1 unit of Tourist Service Building 370 m2, and Landscape Area of  3,849 m2.

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