Development of New Murree Township

Project NameDevelopment of New Murree Township

Consultant: Consultants of Technology Co., Ltd. (COT)

Location State of Panjab, Pakistan

Owner New Murree Development Authority, Government of Panjab

Description Preparation of master plan to develop a new township on the mountain nearby Murree Township in Panjab (boundary to Kashmir) in the area of 11,000 Rai (1,760 ha.) Which is a temperate zone pine forest, that would be developed to be an international tourism destination that could draw international tourists to Pakistan. Recommended tourism-related activities included eco-tourism and other recreational activities such as forest trekking, skiing, golf. There were zonings set by types of activities, residential areas, reserved natural areas and environment as appropriate and suitable to the geographic of the area.

Construction Cost For overall project  68,000 Million Baht (1,700 Million $US)(1 $US : 40 Baht)

COT Engagement

1. Master planning

  • Master planning design
  • Economic analysis and institutional study
  • Initial environmental evaluation (IEE)

2. Detailed engineering design

3. Construction supervision

Duration Master planning period 2006 – 2007

Detail design period (tentative) 2009 – 2010

Construction supervision period (tentative)   2010 – 2017