Detailed Design for Construction of Training Jetty and Fishing Port at Khlong Wan River Mouth.

Project Name: Detailed Design for Construction of Training Jetty and Fishing

Company Name: Southeast Asia Technology Co. Ltd.

Port at Khlong Wan River Mouth.

Project Location: Prachuap Khirikhan Province, Thailand

Project Owner: Habour Department

Associates: Bangkok Engineering Services and Technology Co. Ltd.

ASPAC Consultants Co. Ltd.

Project Cost: 320,000,000 Baht

Project Description:

The project is a feasibility study and detailed design for construction of Training Jetty in the channel of Khlong Wan, Amphoe Muang, Prachuap Khirikhan Province with the objective of supporting the passage of vessels through the channel all year round benefiting the development of waterway transportation tourism, and reducing danger to the vessels going in and out of the channel. The Company has conducted study and detailed design works regarding all issues of coastal engineering, civil/structural engineering, logistics economics, initial environmental examination (IEE), stakeholder meetings, public hearing, reasons of study and recommendations for construction. The project features are:

1)Jetty protruding from the shoreline for about 400 m

2)Pier for fishing vessels berthing (at the end of Jetty) which includes port for berthing of 5 fishing vessels and fish seller’s vessels, and an area for selecting, bidding, selling and buying of fishes.

3)Buildings included in the port are car park, various buildings, roads, water supply system, drainage system, and wastewater treatment system, electricity supply system, lighting system etc.

4)700 m Offshore Breakwater will be able protect and shelter fishing vessels by letting them berth all year round. Moreover, the area behind the Breakwater would be able to protect and shelter about 300 vessels to protect from sea wave and wind.

5)There are 12 number of shoreline protection structures.

6)Length of the vessel navigation channel is 1,500 m. The project will accommodate the fishing boat and fishing industries on fuel oil and cost saving, better mode of transportation, increasing economic growth of the Khlong Wan Bay area as well as the tourism industry improving their life quality and income.   Berthing of their fishing vessels sheltered from the sea waves and wind during monsoon seasons will make the local people feeling secured in their occupation for living. Moreover, the living standard of local people would be raised and will have a better quality of life.

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