Detailed design and preparation of tender document for Bangkok Mass Transit System, Bearing-Samutprakan Section

Project Name : Detailed design and preparation of tender document for Bangkok Mass Transit System, Bearing-Samutprakan Section

Consultant Company: 

  • ASDECON Corporation Co., Ltd. (19.31%)
  • UTILITY Design Consultant Co., Ltd (29.96%)
  • ATT Consultant Co., Ltd. (14.33%)
  • SQ Architects and Planner Co., Ltd. (6.67%)
  • INDEX International Group Co., Ltd. (7.50%)
  • WISHAKHORN Co., Ltd. (7.50%)
  • LUCE Creation Co., Ltd. (4.69%)
  • DB International GMBH. (13.04%)

Project Location: Samutprakan Province, Thailand

Project Owner: Officer of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning (OTP)

Project Feature: Feasibility Study and Detailed Engineering Design, Project Cost 24,550 Million Baht

Project Description: The Green Line Mass Transit System, Bearing-Samutprakarn  is an extension of the existing  Mass Transist System of Bangkok and it’s Vicinity from the Bearing-Onnuj route.  The components of the projects include:

  • 12.6 km Elevated Track, [S1][S2]  3-Continuous Span  each   35 m spacing with Segment Box Grider, 2.1m X 1.0 m Column on 1.8 diameter pile
  • 9-Passenger Stations,  5-Type A stations, each can accommodate more than 15,000 persons per day, 4-Type B stations, for lowering amount of passengers, which can be expanded to Type A,  Clear open space and ventilation system, U-Shape Grider and  Barrette bored pile to alleviate environmental and traffic impact.
  • Depot Center and Operation Control Center  locate on 21.12 ha land at the terminal consist of Main Workshop, Stabling Building, Clearing Building, Permanent way, Washing Plant, Test Track, Wheel Diagnostic Building, Dangerous Goods Storage and Operation Control Building
  • Park Transport Interchange (PTI) for support the public transport system located 3.2 ha land next to the terminal having the components namely Parking Building, Bus-Minibus-Taxi-Motorcycle parking Lot and Tourist Information Center Building. It is forecasted that there will be about 90,000 passenger per day at the beginning and increase to 160,000 passengers for the next 20 years. The economic internal rate of return  of the project is 25.2% which is one of the very highly feasibible economic project.
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