Database Establishment and Analysis for Sub-Regional Planing Project

Project Name: Database Establishment and Analysis for Sub-Regional Planing Project

Firm Name: TEAM Consulting Engineering and Management Co., Ltd

Location: Central and Southern Region of Thailand

Project Owner: Department of Public Works and Town & Country Planning

Type of Project: Urban development

Value of Project: 15 million Baht

Project Period: 2008

Project Features:

Thailand’s town and country planning policy and framework focus on development distribution; as such transportation systems play a vital role in boosting regional linkage and development. Town and country planning aims at integrating urban and rural development, promoting balanced use of resources and developing each area in line with socio-economic development.

The aim is to enhance well-being among urban and rural people, ensure equitable distribution of development across the country and strike a balance between development and environmental conservation. To put the policy and strategic plan at national and regional levels into action at provincial, local and community levels, sub-regional planning is a requisite tool for concrete planning of systematic and efficient use of land and communities.

Coastal provinces in the upper South of Thailand, viz. Petchaburi, Prachuab Kirikhan, Chumporn, and Ranong, are significant centres for the production and transformation of agricultural and fishery products. These areas also have good prospects for the development of tourism, agriculture and fisheries as well as the steel industry, which continues to expand. However such conditions are likely to lead to problems associated with diversified land use. Hence, sub-regional planning is required to regulate land utilization and establish an infrastructure system to accommodate future development and community expansion.

The Data Base Preparation and Analysis on Sub-Regional Planning for Petchaburi, Prachuab Kirikhan, Chumporn and Ranong Provinces Cluster Project is scheduled for completion within a duration of 240 days and targets a 30-year data analysis and sub-regional planning information forecast.

The Consultant provides the following services to the Department:

- Design a data base for sub-regional planning, based on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Management Information Systems (MIS)

- Conduct a survey and collect primary, secondary and tertiary data relating to sub regional planning; then process the information into a ready-to-use data base.

- Conduct a study and analysis based on different spheres of activity including past and current situations as well as the future changes and directions of each sphere that would affect development, the economy, society, people, urban and rural areas, land use, transportation, logistical systems and infrastructure.

-  Apply sieve analysis and other appropriate methodologies for spatial analysis in order to define the problems, restrictions and development potential and direction as well as to clarify duties and roles based on the technical and socio-economic feasibility of the scheme so that a holistic and sustainable development project can be materialized. Then apply integrated results within each geographical area.

The preparation and analysis of this data base will result in an instrument to support sub regional planning, develop vision, devise strategy and specify targets for area development.

Besides, it will provide information for project planning among other local agencies involved.