Construction Supervision of Sub-drainage and Ground Water Drainage System along Roadside with Slope Protection Construction at East Side of Srinakarintra-Stit mahasantikhiri Pagoda Project

Name of the project: Construction Supervision of Sub-drainage and Ground Water Drainage System along Roadside with Slope Protection Construction at East Side of Srinakarintra-Stit mahasantikhiri Pagoda Project

Consultant: Dynamic Engineering Consultants Co.,Ltd.

Location: Doi Mae Salong, Mae Phaluang, Chiang Rai Province, Thailand

Name of owner: The Supreme Command Headquarters

Financing agency/institution: The Supreme Command Headquarters

Value of project1: Baht 67.237 million

Value of firms, or JV, or Baht 3.072 million.

consortium’s contract1:

Original and actual dates

of commencement & completion: September 2001 – July 2003.

Firms participation2: Sole consultant

5 3

Name of other memebers of consortium2-

Brief description of project:

Dynamic Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd. (DEC) of SEATEC Group carried out the construction supervision for the drainage system of surface water and groundwater along the roadside including protection for the land falling at the East of Srinakarintra-Stitmahasantikhiri Pagoda at Doi Mae Salong, Mae Pha Luang District, Chiang Rai Province. Slope protection is covered the approximated area 23,420 m2.

Brief description of services:

:Services provided DEC include the following;

  • Road 1234 from Sta. 3+100 to 3+833.230, total 733 m.
  • Concrete road thick 23 cm, length 247 m.
  • Asphaltic road thick 5 cm, length 486 m.
  • Ground water and surface water drainage system along the road
  • Pipe culvert work length 55 m.
  • Side ditch length approx. 3,350 m.
  • Step drain length approx. 1,450 m.
  • U-Ditch & Steel grating length 150 m.
  • Side slope protection at the  East of  Pagoda for the area is approximately 23,420 m2.
  • Stair work