Bangkok Mass Transit System Bearing – Samutprakarn section (Green line), Detailed Design and Preparation of tender Document


Project Name: Bangkok Mass Transit System Bearing – Samutprakarn section (Green line), Detailed Design and Preparation of tender Document

Company Name: Wishakorn Co.,Ltd.

Type of service: Study at the beginning, review and assess policy education that relate the work studies  set a format for the operating system manages a line of motor vehicles and the work studies to analyse the suitability of the project and the work studies and analyse environment effect  the work studies to analyse rate  fare structure that is appropriate for railcar mass transportation system in the overall image, the work designs the detail.

Project Location: Samut Prakan Province, Thailand.

Owner: Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning/Ministry of Transport

Duration: July, 2007- January, 2008

Project Cost absolutely (million/Baht): -

Project Cost (million/Baht) : 202,400,000

Company Partner and Ratio of Responsibility : 

1. Utility Design Consultants Co.,Ltd    26.96%

2. Asdecon Corporation Co., Ltd. 19.31%

3. ATT Consultants Co., Ltd. 14.33%

4. Wishakorn Co., Ltd. 7.50%

5. Index International Group Co., Ltd   7.50%

6. SQ Architect and Planners Co., Ltd.   6.67%

7. LUCE Creation Co., Ltd. 4.69%

8. DB International GmbH 13.04%

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Project area/Size : Distance 14 Km.

Objective of Project : Detailed design for the Green line mass transit system from Bearing  to Samutprakarn. And the work designs the zero detail repairs including and Consulting services for Bangkok Mass Transit system for the light green line (Bearing-Samutprakarn) section detailed design and preparation of tender document for the office of transport and traffic Policy and Planning (OTP).

Benefit of Project : The work designs fundamental the grade separation separates guardian spirit road and the grand old man suits the water spirit  give can manage build get become visibility the step that can minister quickly follow the trend that correspond the policy in the government in rushing for enhance a role, capability  and the efficiency of the travel for abate traffic problem that is congested in Bangkok and continual area which will help decrease losing energy and make surround condition that improve.

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