Bang Sue Environmental Education and Conservation Center Project (Bangsue EECC Project)

Project Name: Bang Sue Environmental Education and Conservation Center Project (Bangsue EECC  Project)

Name of Company: Progress Technology Consultants Co.,Ltd.

Name of Associated Firm : 

1.  Panya Consultants Co.,Ltd. (for feasibility study and detailed design of wastewater collection system)

2.  Asdecon Corporation Co.,Ltd. (for feasibility study and detailed design of wastewater collection system)

Services provided by PTC: Feasibility study, detailed design of Bangsue EECC and wastewater treatment plant, preparation of bids and services during the appointment of contractors using electronic auction method

Location: Bang Sue District and parts of Chatuchak, Dusit and Phayathai Districts, Bangkok covering the area of 20.7 km.2, Thailand.

Name of Client: Bangkok Metropolitan Administration

Type of Service: Feasibility  study, detailed  design  and  preparation  of contract documents  and  bid  evaluation

Project Cost: 4,584.78 million baht

Duration: Dec. 2005 - Apr. 2008

Project Description: The Bang Sue EECC Project was undertaken by BMA so as to solve problems arising from discharging wastewater into canals in Bang Sue District. The network of wastewater collection pipes, about 30.3 km.long, collects wastewater in Bang Sue District and nearby areas and conveys to the treatment plant. This will improve the water quality in Khlong Premprachakorn, Khlong Bang Khen and Khlong Bang Sue.

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The Bangsue EECC will be located in Rot Fai Park  in the northwest corner, adjacent to the School of Railway Engineering and Kampaeng Phet 2 Road. The construction area takes up the area of about 12 rais which the Center will take up an area of only 5 rais aboveground. The underground area will be used as the wastewater treatment facilities with the capacity of 120,000 m.3/day (DWF). The selected process is activated sludge system (Step-Feed Biological Nitrogen Removal).

Project Highlight :

The Bangsue EECC will house environmental education and conservation center providing a wealth of interpretive and educational opportunities which raise awareness among visitors about the importance of not only preserving, but integrating and promoting our urban environments. The facade of the building facing the park will be highlighted by a 100-metre- long strip of waterfall that diminishes traffic noise. The waterfall itself will utilize recycled water from the underground WWTP.

Constructed on existing storage ponds, the open water garden will be home to landscape precincts that include Homage to His Majesty the King, intimate spaces for multifarious aquatic plants, and gathering spaces for outdoor exhibition.The Bang Sue Wastewater Treatment Plant is a unique underground wastewater treatment plant and lies beneath the Bang Sue EECC. The plant would create no nuisance to its surroundings from odor emission or noise. It covers the area 150 meters length and 100 meters width with the lowest level of the plant at -13.5 meters.

The treatment plant comprises primary and secondary treatment process so as to control water quality to be standardized. The plant also includes tertiary treatment process with a capacity of 2,000 m3/d for wastewater reclamation purpose. The reclaimed wastewater will be reused directly for such non-potable applications as source water for waterfall of the Bang Sue EECC and landscape irrigation in the park.