Bang Pa-In – Nakhon Ratchasima Motorway No. 6, Section 1

Project Name: Bang Pa-In – Nakhon Ratchasima Motorway No. 6, Section 1

Firm Name: TEAM Consulting Engineering and Management Co., Ltd.

Location: Ayuttaya-Saraburi-Nakonratchasima, Thailand

Project owner: The Department of Highways

Type of Project: Transportation

Project Features: TEAM Consulting Engineering and Management Co., Ltd. was assigned by the Department of Highways to undertake the detailed survey and design of the Bang Pa-In – Nakhon Ratchasima Motorway No. 6 Section 1 which is approximately 98 kilometres in length. Among this, 54 kilometres is a 6-lane depress median express highway while the rest 44 kilometres is 4-lane highway. General right of way is 70 meters wide.

The Bangpain-Nakon Ratchasima Motorway No. 6, Section 1, is fully controlled with 6 entrances and exits toll plazas located at Bang Pa-in, Wang Noi, Hinkong, Saraburi, Kaeng Khoi, and Muak Lek.  The traffic facilities include rest areas and service areas in Bang pa-in, Nong Kae, Tub Kwang, and Kaeng Khoi.

The Control Centre Building (CCB) is located at Pakchong District (which is actually in the area of Section 2 of the Bangpain- Nakonratchasima Express Motorway Highway project). The many facilities available in the CCB include the Close Circuit Television System (CCTV), Variable Message Sign (VMS) and Emergency Telephone System (ETC).

The Project route is all newly laid. Geographical condition is mostly an inundated land from km. 65+000 to km. 40+500, a mound Km. 40+500 to 65+000 and the last phase is a mountain from km.65+000 to 96+347. The route starts (km. 0+000) at km. 2+000 of the highway no.9, East Bangkok Outer Ring Road. The route turns to the East of the route no.9 then head up North, cross the highway no.309 at km. 9+068 then cross Rapeepat canal.

The route is in the North of SIL industrial land, crossing the highway no.9 at km. 32+023 then turn to the East crossing the highway no.1 (km.40+765). The project route is overlay and uses the right of way with the Saraburi bypass in the East before split from the bypass which the route will cross the highway no.3222 at km.55+209, passing through the South of the Hoolin Cemetery Foundation and turning to the East in the South of Amnuaychit Village in parallel with the South with the highway no.2 by crossing the TPI Cement Company. Then the route crosses the highway no.2222, the entrance of Tepphitakpunnaram Temple (km.90+120). The Section 1 route ends up at the area behind the Chok Chai Farm, Bann Wong Kaset at km. 98+347.

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