Project Name : Auditorium

Consultant : SPC Consulting Engineers Co.,Ltd.

Associates : 

  • Architect – Design and Develop;
  • Electrical – Mechanical – W and Associate

Project Owner : Khon Kaen University

Project Location : Khon Kaen Province, Thailand

Type Size and Value : Convention Hall that can accommodate 4,000 seats with 8 small seminar rooms.  Completed in 1996 with construction cost of  500 Million Baht (1997)

Project Description : The project was initiated to celebrate the King 50th anniversary to the throne for presenting the yearly graduation certificates to students by the King or his representative.  It is also used for other activities in the region that need a large and modern hall.  Hall span is 60 m using structural steel roof truss supported on the R.C. Columns. 

The innovation of design and construction is concerning the main truss curved like the conventional ox-cart.  They used a single design for multi trusses and varied the column heights for achieving the curve.  There is no exposed air-conditioning ducts under the roof. 

Fresh air-conditioning grills are installed at the column face with jet stream reaching the center hall producing no extra noise.  Lighting for the hall is also exceptional using the reflected ceiling to light the hall.  This facilitates ease light bulb maintenance. No lamps hang from roof.

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